Bijdragen ILS-studenten in landelijk trendmagazine

Vijf studenten van International Lifestyle Studies zien hun visie op 2012 deze maand gepubliceerd in Second Sight. Dit vakblad voor alle trendwatchers in Nederland geeft het laatste nummer van dit jaar uit met de titel 2012 and beyond. De redactie vroeg daarvoor een bijdrage van Lifestyle-studenten, die ondermeer opgeleid worden om mentaliteitstrends te signaleren en te analyseren.  Docent trendwatching Tessa Cramer heeft studenten begeleid bij het tot stand komen van dit nummer.  Dat wordt deze week gelanceerd tijdens een gelijknamig evenement  (zie: Second Sight).

De visie van studenten Lifestyle op 2012:

Economic detox

2012 will be the year of economic detox. “In 2011 our society is trapped in an identity crisis. In 2012 everyone will be searching to redefine their own personal standards and values” (Janou).

Subsequently, protest movements like Occupy have great potential to expand and become the voice of many. The banking sector cannot escape the urge of consumers to examine financial solidarity. “It is necessary to take care of each other because we only took care of ourselves” (Caro).

Healthy manners

We are not able get rid of our stress and rush. Therefore we still seek for relaxation in 2012. “We live in a busy, stressed society. Everything must be done quickly. Wellness sports like yoga and meditation will keep offering us peace and quiet. A new majority will adopt the Slow Food Movement, which only uses honest products from the region. Our lifestyle will be more conscious than ever before.” (Anjo)

A 3D life

All the students agree on the significance of technological developments for 2012. The most exciting new product is the 3D printer. “The 3D printer will redefine our needs because of the accessible way of creating (printing) a product” (Nannie). “In the future we won’t buy clothes, instead we buy designs form designers. We will produce our own products with the 3D printer.” (Janou). Moreover, owning a 3D printer is becoming a realistic perspective: “the Bijenkorf (a Dutch luxurious department store) just started selling personal 3D printers to use at home” (Lisa).

Celebrate today!

The new generation of trendwatchers celebrates existence despite current tumultuous times. These times actually inspire them and ignite their creativity. “The Maya’s predicted the end of the world in 2012. We don’t know if we agree but to be sure: let’s make the most out of life!” (Lisa).

“We have uncertain times are ahead of us. We want to be inspired. We realize that the small things make life worth living” (Janou).

By International Lifestyle Students Caro van Bezooijen, Janou Bonnie, Nannie Christiaens, Lisa Janssen and Anjo Kantelberg.


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